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Debbie Bennett

Funeral directors play a vital role in every community, offering professional and compassionate support during difficult times. With over 25 years of experience, Debbie Bennett, awarded Business Person of the Year and Best Funeral Directors in Knowsley, understands the importance of getting it right the first time. Starting with humble beginnings, her dedication has led to a successful business serving local communities from branches in Prescot, Rainhill, Bootle, and Old Roan.

Committed to excellence, Debbie invests in diploma-qualified staff and community involvement. Her company actively supports cancer research, provides defibrillators to local venues, and aids various charities and initiatives across Merseyside. Each year, she helps out with the Liverpool Taxi Drivers Children In Care Outing Fund, which was founded by Bernie Buxton MBE nearly 40 years ago, and she puts on four limousines to take underprivileged children on a much-appreciated trip to Southport.


Additionally, Debbie's two therapy dogs bring comfort to grieving families, embodying the company's ethos of compassionate care. With overwhelming support from the community, Debbie Bennett Funeral Directors continues to serve families with integrity and compassion.


It was an easy decision for Gemma six years ago to follow in her mum’s footsteps. With a passion for caring and a deep-rooted respect for the time-honoured traditions of the funeral industry, Gemma is a qualified Funeral Director dedicated to upholding the legacy of excellence at Debbie Bennett Funeral Directors. Embracing her role as the next generation of care, Gemma brings a blend of compassion, expertise, and forward-thinking approach to ensure that each family receives the highest level of support during their time of need.

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Carl is a ex-serviceman based in the Prescot Head Office. Carl is a qualified Funeral Director and has followed in his Aunts footsteps and as well caring for families, personally oversees any Armed Forces Services Funerals.

Welcome to
The heart of our team

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Welcome to the heart of our team – where every member is dedicated to serving the Liverpool community with compassion and professionalism. Led by Debbie, they take immense pride in providing the highest standard of care to our clients during their time of need.


David Lockyer – who started his funeral training the same time as Debbie 25 years ago joined in 2023 and is a familiar face to many across Liverpool and having cared for many families in their time of need over the last three decades.

Joining David is one of our longest standing Funeral Director - John Duffy who is well known in Huyton and Rainhill areas.

Supporting Our Community

At Debbie Bennett Funeral Directors, we believe in giving back to the community we serve. Through charity initiatives and fundraising efforts, we've contributed  to cancer research and provided life-saving defibrillator machines to local schools and social clubs. It's our way of making a positive impact where it's needed most.

We support local business and football clubs.

We also support Children in need we also put on 4 limos and drivers every year on their annual trip to Southport, its their 40th year this year all thanks to Bernie Buxton MBE who makes all this happen.

To support Children In need please visit

Visit cancer research to find out how you make a difference.